The Desperate Woman's Tamales

Never get in between a pregnant woman and the food she craves. Just sayin'! 

 I thank the Lord for having given me people who were sympathetic to my plight of pregnancy sickness, and blessed me with a nice cocktail of pharmaceuticals to help me begin to function again. It was becoming quite the desperate situation, with my going without food or drink for days at a time because I was so sick. You can't survive that way! I am so thankful that I am now able to start functioning again. I'm not %100 but I'm getting better everyday, and for that I'm thankful.

The other day I had my first real craving for something to eat. I needed some tamales! You can't find them here the way you can back home in California. I had previously tried to find the corn husks, but was unsuccessful on my few tries. I know they can be found in any Hispanic grocery store though, or in some places that carry more ethnic foods. I may look for them in a future outing, but today I just didn't feel like getting out of my pajamas.

So I used tin foil out of desperation to fulfill my craving! It works out ok, though I know the husks add some flavor that tin foil just doesn't have. I may receive hate mail for desecrating the precious tamales in this way. We can call them "faux tamales" if that works better for you ;) Desperate times call for desperate measures.
I'll show you what I did.

It's basically the same thing you would do with the corn husks. I used a piece of tin foil about 8 inches wide, and cut my strips in half so they were about 6 inches long. Spread the masa dough about an inch in from the top and sides. You want room to crimp your foil.

Pile on your filling, down the middle. I used shredded chicken. You can use beef, chicken, pork, sweet corn, or just about anything. 

  Then you are going to fold your tamale like a taco, so that the sides of the dough touch and create a seam to enclose the filling.

 Roll it very gently to "form" it and fold over the side to seal it closed.

 Tuck the ends under, or crimp them closed.

I steamed mine in my rice cooker! 
It worked out perfectly and they tasted delish! 

 Have you ever made Tamales? It's definitely a little time consuming, but so worth the effort!
And now, if you're in a pinch, you know that tin foil will work ;) 

P.s. I'm currently working on a tutorial for the eye patches that a few people have asked about. So stay tuned for that soon!

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