Some DIY Weekend Inspiration!

We're full swing into summer at my house. Vacation Bible School ended today and so I've been collecting a couple of ideas of things to do for and with my kids. Here is some of what I've found. And you can always see more if you keep up with my pins on Pinterest!

This one looked fun. It's a fishing game, like what you'd see at a festival or something.

Have you seen the Water Blob? I seriously want to try this (mostly for me--it looks so fun)!

My kids are always begging me to take them camping. #1, I am honestly afraid of the creepy-crawlers here in North Carolina. And #2, I'm not a fan of the heat and humidity. However, I'm not against the kids enjoying themselves in the backyard! 


Fun to-do stuff aside, I've got to tell you that I just enjoy hanging out with the kids doing everyday stuff. They don't regularly go shopping with me or go to the library, or fold laundry and these are all things that we can do together that they can learn from. Learning is really important even though it's summer!

Hug your babes and have some fun together this weekend!



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