It's been a while since I've gone treasure hunting. We've just been so busy with life and day to day stuff. On a whim, we got in the car and drove out to one of my favorite places. It's a lovely refreshing thing to just get out and go explore and look for cool stuff. I needed this little bit of fresh air.

From this outing, this press below is only one of two items that came home with us this time. You'd think by looking at it that it was rusted in placed and would make a good doorstop, but it actually is functional! Score.
 My little guy loves treasure hunting too. He always finds something he's interested in. It's too bad this little tractor was beyond repair. I'm pretty certain I would have caved and got it for him.

I love this scale.
 They have these old vintage hubcaps hanging everywhere. I think the old ones have class. They just don't make 'em like they used to....
 I always look through the doors. There have been some amazing doors. I'm on the hunt for some solid ones to replace the cheap ones in my house. Unfortunately the ones I love are either always too narrow or too big! They don't make houses the way they used to either.
I'm already planning my next outing. I have a list of things I'd like to look for! 
Have you found anything cool lately? 

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  1. I sure miss junking! I haven't gone since before Mia was born. You have just inspired me to get out there with the kids;-)



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