You ARE someone. And so am I.

Ok, so I'm putting myself out there a little bit with this post...

That title might seem like a real "Duh, you should know that already" type thing, but sometimes we need reminders. Reminders that we are someone, that we are valuable, and precious and someone to be treasured. Over time, I've forgotten.

How often we go through life handing the reigns to someone else, or lots of someone else's, thinking (or maybe not considering at all) that they can drag you along through life, but then you aren't a participant in your own adventure. The Adventure of Life becomes mundane, and you become melancholy. I'm guilty of that.

It's not good enough for us to just be along for the ride. We need to be active participants. And even if we think we're doing our part, there's always room for more. If we are comfortable, we're not doing enough. There should be a constant volcano within your soul pushing you to be more, do more, become better, strive for greatness. Good enough, isn't enough. (I'm doing a little self talk here.)

I've got to stop being that fly on the wall of other peoples lives and do something great. Don't ask me what that is yet because I'm still figuring that out. But I see hints of it unfolding before my eyes and I'm amazed and hopeful. And a little scared of the unknown. It's all going to be alright in the end, though. You'll see.

I've got something special to share.
And I am something special.
And I think you are too. The question is....What are you going to do about it/with it?

Here's to discovering ME.

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