I might be THAT person.

We live in a "neighborhood" out of city limits. There is no home owners association. Thank goodness, I might not survive that. Or rather, they might not survive me. I haven't mowed my lawn in ages. (Turn your eye away, dear husband! I promise to do it before you come home.)

I'm pretty certain that the neighbors are not happy with it.  Some, more than others, are very particular about having their lawns "just so". It's not my fault everything here grows like it's a jungle-- fast, tall, and super sized.  
I did say I wanted to appreciate what is in front of me more. And I didn't mean, "I appreciate that I get to mow an acre of grass." Although, I am grateful to have it, and if someone twisted my arm I would probably admit that I'd much rather mow an acre than not have an acre.
I do so love, though, that my kids bring me wildflower bouquets, and find turtles and snakes, and run through the tall grass like children should when they are young. 

I think the lawn can wait another day. 

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