Hazards of being a DI wife.

I most definitely cannot speak for every DI wife, but I can tell you a few things. 

That my husband is living as a Geo-bachelor, it also puts an interesting spin on things.

Here are some fun facts about what to expect from being a DI's wife in no particular order. 

1. Prepare yourself to make a lot of food. If he's awake, he's eating. And, likely, so are his fellow DI's. So just keep the fridge stocked.

2. Prepare yourself to practice lots of self control. See #1. 

3. Unless you plan on doing an intense daily boot-camp style work-out, try not to take it to heart that you aren't in the same physical shape he's in. If you were a DI on your feet running around 12-18 hours a day you'd be skinny as a rail too. 

4. Expect to be yelled at. Perhaps not purposefully. See number 5 for details. 

5. He will dream. Intensely. He'll replay some crazy event that took place where he was correcting a recruit, but in his dreams. Don't be surprised if there is yelling in the night. 

6. Along with the dreams, don't be too surprised if he falls asleep really easily. For example, while he's paused playing a video game. That's exhaustion for you. 

7. Every so often the DI will come out while disciplining the children. A gentle reminder that they are not miniature recruits can be helpful.

8. While he's asleep, you may learn more about what his day is like than while he is awake. Example: This morning when my alarm went off at 5am he asked what time it was and started telling me that we need to get the recruits up and check them in to the mess, and then blah blah blah. And he fell back asleep.

9. You'll hear some crazy stories. Discretion is a wonderful and essential thing. 

10. Under the rough mouthed, crisply ironed, tough exterior is the guy you fell in love with. You just have to remind him sometimes.

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