It's that time again! Time for my husband to return to work. I always get a bit discombobulated. Please forgive me while I find my footing again.

I have to get back into a certain mind set and I haven't got that science down yet. Still. For a while before and after each coming/going things are a little nuts. Packing, mentally preparing for the time away, distancing yourself/himself. The kids will be going through their own way of dealing with daddy being away again. We've got to be gentle with each other.

Trying to jump back into the "mode". This is the last full week of school for the kids, too, so I'm trying to figure out what the summer will hold for us. We won't have a visit home from Kevin again until the Fall, so I've got a lot of open time to fill! I do have lots of ideas, and lots of things I'd like to share here in the blogging world. One little day at a time. 

Thank you for being my cheerleaders!


  1. As my husband readies himself for a trip across the ocean, I understand. This will be our first splattering of time apart since we met but I know its only the beginning of a life-long routine with his profession. My thoughts and good vibes are being sent your way to help ease you and your family into the "daddy is away" mode as easily as possible.

    1. Aww, I'll be thinking of you and pray that the time goes by quickly!



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