Appreciate it.

This week seemed to fly by. Everything seems to always be saying, "Hurry hurry! On to the next thing!" Before you know it, the time has flown by, and I'm not even sure what was accomplished. 

My weekend goals...

I stopped along the side of the freeway the other day to take a picture of the wildflowers that were growing. I want to do more of that. There are amazing things waiting right in front of me, for me to take notice of. I need to appreciate those things more. And I want to bring my kids along. I want them to grow a greater appreciation for the small things, too.

Smell the wild flowers!  Get out of the car, go outside, walk up to something I wouldn't otherwise do. Get out of the "hurry up" mode. Stop trying to keep up with this invisible expectation of keeping up with the Smith's. Turn off the tv, put the phone away (is it possible?), and just observe. The clouds, the colors, the flowers, the bugs. 

Last...Make some beautiful new-to-us yummy food *just because*.  Celebrate our ability to appreciate different flavors, different ways of using what we have. Make something that I've never tried before, and make it beautiful. 

We deserve these things. 
What are you going to treat yourself to this weekend?

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