A Splattering of Pretty.

While I organize my thoughts and projects, 
I thought I'd share some pretties...
I made this caramel apple pie bread pudding a while back. OMG. Who knew throwing a bunch of stuff into a pan together could end up being so delectable. I'm planning on sharing the recipe for this soon because it's that yummy. You might want to start dieting in between now and then to prepare your hips for the amount of calories in this bad boy.


Slowly I've been replacing some bushes in my front yard with rose bushes. Never did I expect them to do so well. They bloomed unbelievably beautiful recently. Gorgeous blooms in pinks. I'm very proud because if you know me you'll know how bad of a gardener I am. I'd love to have this fabulous English style garden. But...I have a knack for killing plants. These rose bushes-- I literally don't do anything to them. I don't even water them, and they've gone nuts. It's great! 

I have a new tutorial coming up soon. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up today so I can share it with you tomorrow. This one is fairly quick and easy, and I love it because it could potentially become an heirloom item for your little girl. 

Wishing you a day full of good stuff!

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