Thrift Store Find.

 Usually, if I have patience, I can find what I'm looking for at a thrift store. If I'm lucky, I find a few good extra's in the process. For about a year now I'd been keeping my eye out for a replacement for a cake pan that got lost somewhere. I'm still trying to figure out how one loses a cake pan, but I guess somehow it's possible. There are a couple of recipes that I've really been wanting to try and I didn't have the right cake pan for them.

My mother, bless her, taught me the art of shopping thrift stores starting at a young age. Mostly out of necessity. (I have 5 siblings!) A really awesome plus to thrifting is that often times you can find a better quality whatever-it-is-you-are-looking-for at a really reasonable price. I keep my eye out for good vintage kitchen items because they really can with stand the test of time. I was super ecstatic to find the pan I needed, and other goodies were just a perk!

 Vintage postcards are like gold. For some reason I see them and just want to gather them all in my arms and run as fast as I can to a sunny little corner of my living room and shuffle through them. You have to do it carefully-- they are fragile from time! I love when they have been mailed and still have the postage on them. That's the best.
Wouldn't it be super fun to resend a vintage postcard?
Would anyone want to trade a postcard? I love sending and receiving snail mail, and to get a postcard would just be too fun!

P.S. A cool tutorial coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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