This and that from the weekend.

My weekend was full of the color pink...

 We watched The Chronicles of Narnia and I made my kids Turkish Delight. There should be more Turkish Delight in the world. It's the simplest treat, and yet my kids stood over me the whole time I was rolling it in sugar. They snatched it right up off the pan. This recipe was yummy, but I'm eager to try a few different recipes to see how they differ. Once I've got it perfected, I'll share a recipe with you.
All the sweet things make me think of my husband for some reason...Maybe because he's sweet to me!
This week counts down three weeks until my husband will be home from this cycle. (A cycle is 13 weeks of grueling torture for him as well as the recruits.)  He gets home just a few days before our 8 year wedding anniversary. We've been together for about 11 1/2 years now. I was thinking it would be nice for us to go away for a day/night away. We've not really had a honeymoon, per say. It would be kind of neat to have a little time away with just him and I, now that the kids are a little bit older. Whatever I do, I better get to planning!

If you could take a day or two away to celebrate your anniversary, (on a minimal budget mind you, lets keep it real) what would you do?

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