Stamped Silver Tutorial.

In honor of my brother and his lovely fiance's engagement, I've put together this tutorial for some stamped silverware. What's cuter for an engagement gift than something personal and handmade? The great thing about these are that they can be personalized however you would like. You could put their names on them, or even their initials. 

My mom and I have a huge collection of silverware that has been collected over the years, so I shuffled around in all the shiny pretty's for a matching set!

It's really not necessary for your utensils to match as long as you can find some that are similar sizes or shapes. Make it cute! Choose some that you think compliment one another if you can't find a set.
After you have chosen your utensils, here is what you need.
  • A sturdy surface, like a cutting board.
  • A small block of wood, or piece of leather to lay your untensils on during the hammering process.
  • A hammer
  • Metal stamps. I got mine from Harbor Freight. They are 1/8" steel stamps. 
  • A permanent marker.
  • A silver shinning cloth. (optional)
If your silver is tarnished, and you prefer a cleaner look, you can clean it with a silver cloth. 

I like to take out the stamps that I will be using and clean them gently with a paper towel first. They tend to be stored with a little bit of oil to prevent rusting. Just my preference. 
Before you start hammering on your precious silver, be sure you have the right stamp, turned in the right direction. And then practice your hammering method a few times. Metal is much harder than wood, and will take much more strength to stamp.
Rest your fork or spoon on your sturdy service, on top of the wood block or piece of leather. Carefully place your stamp on the utensil, holding it firmly straight up so that you are sure that each edge of the letter will hit the metal evenly when you start to hammer. I give each stamp three or four firm taps before moving on to the next letter. It is hard to go back and re-pound the stamps once you have moved the stamp so put some muscle behind your hammer!
 This is what you will get once you've finished.
The stamped letters may be hard to see, but as long as the grooving is there, no worries!
 Next you are going to use a permanent to fill in the grooves of your letters.
Any "extra" marker you can rub off with a paper towel or rag. Over time, if you are using actual silver utensils, natural tarnish will fill in those grooves of the letters. 

And there you have your pretty personalized silver.
 I think this would be a great anniversary gift also. For a new baby, you could use a silver spoon and put the baby's name or birth date on it.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you try it let me know how it worked for you!

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  1. i love those! i have tried doing that before and found it challenging- you did great!

  2. This is so cool! What a great idea. I am thinking they would make great plant markers for my garden too. Thanks for the tute. Visiting from Creations by Kara. Blessings!

  3. Great post...thanks for the info.....love your blog....come visit sometime at pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com
    Have a wounderful weekend....NeeCee, your newest follower.....found you at trendy treehouse



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