Our Easter Trip to Parris Island.

We were able to have an amazing Easter weekend with my husband down at Parris Island. There have been lots of holidays missed due to my husbands work over the years. We missed having Christmas together this year and two out of the three kids didn't get to have daddy home for their birthday, so I put on my big girl pants and made an effort to get them there for Easter. It seems like I sneezed and it was over that quickly! But we were able to be together for that special day and that's what counts. 

We hung out together and shared some family time.  We only had the whole of Easter day together, so we just spent time being a family.
 We did some sight-seeing, which he hasn't gotten to do much of due to his work.
We explored some of our country's history.
I spent 12 hours in a car with three kids (super fun), but who's counting when you get to see this in the end...
I'll do it again in a minute to be able to see these happy faces. 

Anything for those you love!

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