Into a new frontier.

As the seasons of my family life changes, so do the seasons of my work change. For quite some time now I've been feeling a pull away from what I've been doing with making cloth diapering and other items for lovely folks. Of late, it's been out of necessity! With the pull of my kids in different directions, over the last year I've found it harder and harder to be able to sit and tend to my work at a desk. It's simply become impossible to sit for hours at my sewing machine. It is a bit bitter sweet. My sewing machine has become like a dear old friend to me. 

I've mentioned a few times on Facebook, how I'm excited to be moving in a new direction! My mom and I have been working towards launching a business together.
 The Ambiguous Antiquary will be launching soon! Beautiful found items, antiques, and even some items that have found new life as something else. My mom has an eye for beautiful things, and I'm so excited to be able to share them with everyone.

These are just a sampling of what you'll find!
More goodies coming in the very near future. And hopefully a new DIY tutorial too! :)
I hope you'll stick around to join me in this new adventure!

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