A few days ago my mom made me this button bracelet from her massive collection of beautiful buttons. I love it because I wear a lot of earth tones, so I can coordinate it with almost anything in my closet. It's simply buttons double-strung on some elastic string.

I love collections. That might explain my wild fascination with shows like American Pickers where they go and climb through dirty dusty old places full of collections of the most intriguing things. I think that sort of thing is awesome. But back to my mom's button collection. She has hundreds she's collected over the years, and they're all beautiful and unique. It's fun just to sit and look through them all.

I think it's super cool that this collection can be used to make something else. Now that is an awesome collection! I like things that are multipurposeful (is that a word?) .  
She's made so many beautiful things with them. I just love the creativity. 
I love her button people. Mom's been making them for years. I have a few that I hang on my Christmas tree each year.

Do you have a multipurposeful collection? Do share! 
Link back to your blog in the comments, and maybe I'll feature your collection!

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