Beach fun.

I love the beach. 

The beaches here in North Carolina are long, and flat, and covered in treasures waiting to be found. 

We drove out to the beach to get some fresh air. We combed the beach for goodies and enjoyed the breeze. It was the perfect temperature. Sometimes we get so caught up in the business of life that we forget to take a deep breath and slow down. Heading out the coast is the perfect answer. You don't need to talk. You can stop thinking, and just take everything in.

Back home, we'd head out to the beach and spend hours searching the pebbly beaches of Northern California for beach glass. Blue was always a favorite. There's not much in the way of beach glass here.
Where I am from, there were cliffs that you'd have to hike down to get to the beach. We'd drive the windy, rolling hills to get out to the coast, and then hike down the worn trails in the cliffs. There were rocks and tide pools where you could find starfish and other sea life. Amazing really.
It's very different out here, but I still love going out there. I've never seen so many shells in my life! All different shapes and sizes. One time, one of the first times I went to the beach out here, there were so many shells on the beach that I felt a bit awkward walking. They were so many and so beautiful, it felt like such a shame to have them crunching under my feet. All I could do was stand in a small spot and turn round in circles, tip-toeing so as to avoid crunching something that might be unique!

I'm glad that we went when we did. It was a beautiful day, but now it's rainy and very wet out. Good weather for a musical and some indoor activities. (Like folding laundry!Or....maybe something more fun like some illustrations!)

Some beautiful ocean displays, sea glass and other goodies coming soon to the Ambiguous Antiquary shop. Can't wait to show you.

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