A Thrifty Thursday.

The weather the last couple of days has been gorgeous. All the wisteria is in bloom. Where I'm from, people plant wisteria with purpose and forethought about how it's going to look. Here in Eastern Carolina, it literally grows like weeds, everywhere, up into the towering pines and hangs down like a purple canopy. It's so beautiful. I was out in town with a purpose, to scout my local thrift stores and I got temporarily distracted by the beauty of nature!

 I saw some growing along a ditch, so I snagged a cutting and am hoping to be able to add it to my garden. I'd be thrilled if it would grow and drape over my deck railing.

Anyway...On to my fun finds from this week! 
I've been loving beakers as vases lately. They're so simple and they let the flowers be the star. I just love this one.
 My other find was this little lamp. It's perfect for a bedside table or nightstand. Perfect for late night reading, don't you think?
 My mom was commenting recently about my "style", and how it ranges from shabby chic to bohemian. The red lamp stands out a bit in my more neutral colored room, for sure. I'm not sure what my style would be...eclectic? The good news is there are no rules (I could be wrong...interior designers of the world, you could fill us in on that one!), so if I find a piece I like I just buy it and work it in! Somehow it all seems to work!

Do you have a "style" that you stick with when decorating, or do you just buy what you like and work things together?

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