Treasure Hunting.

 This afternoon my mom and I packed my youngest into the car and headed out to treasure hunt in a tiny town about 25 miles away. I packed my camera. I love to take pictures. There are things along the way to this tiny town that I'd love to record. No Photoshopped photo's here, thank you. Keeping it raw. (Minus my logo, that is.) I'll take my pictures, and along the way they'll get better. I'll learn. It will come, much the same way treasures come accidentally when  you aren't looking for them.
We drove past the swampy forest and ended up in a treasure trove of rust and long forgotten goodies.
They're beautiful even with their rusty patina.

Oh, to have an empty truck bed, and endless amounts of lose change in my pockets! 
The thrill of the hunt. Dirty hands. Broken stairs. Pots and utensils as wind chimes. Mountains of wooden chairs.
Long forgotten documents between book pages. 
It's good stuff. 

Planning my next excursion already.

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