Packing with intent!

I know this is completely off from what I'm usually blogging about, but I figured I could ask for your honest opinion and you'll give it to me.
Why not, right? 

So the kids and I are going to visit my husband at Parris Island for 4 days. Ok 5, if you count the day I'll be driving. (Lord help me.) I don't want to just pack my regular jeans and tshirts. When your husband is gone for extended lengths of time, it's like you're dating all over again. What do I wear? Do these pants...nevermind. I'm using Pinterest to help me out here. I have a coral shirt that I'm attempting to make an outfit out of. These are some outfits that I think are cute, and I could pull something together like these from items in my closet. 

There are things I like from each one. 
1. I like the teal colored jewelry. I have some similar shoes. I'm nixing the lace shorts-- too cold!
2. I like the Khaki pants. I think I could still wear the shoes from #1 with it.
3. I have a similar purse, if I wore jeans I could wear them interchangeably with another outfit, and I am very comfortable in flat Mary Janes. And I like wearing cardigans.
4. Layers. I like layers. Jeans are a plus--> see #3.

So which one would you choose?

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