Happy Birthday Dr Seuss & people as my canvas

It's hard for me to spell out in words how much I've been, for lack of better words, wringing my hands over where my unique set of skills are taking me. I've felt a natural sense of things are "moving on", but the direction I've been so unsure of. Some artistic people, they feel so sure of what they are supposed to do. Or their schooling has led them in a certain direction. For me, it's been a mystery. I prayerfully go where I'm led and fill a need when I see one. I've been blessed with such wonderful signs up to recently, when I felt a need to move in another direction. That doesn't mean stopping what I have been doing, but perhaps just adding more!

Several different opportunities have presented themselves to me recently, which would allow me to use my skills, fulfill my need to create. And it's also important to me to serve others with my skills.
My beautiful friend mentioned wanting to have her belly painted before she gave birth, and without thinking I jumped in with both feet.  I'm still excited over the results.
 The funny thing is that I woke up that morning with the feeling that she'd be having that baby soon, so we had better get to doing it asap! And sure enough, her little bundle of joy was born this morning, on Dr Seuss' Birthday! Perfect timing!

My kids this morning were also talking about it being Dr Seuss' Birthday, so they also became my canvases.

My mother mentioned to me that I should donate my skills to the local pregnancy center where I've been donating cloth diapers and other items. It would be a beautiful way to celebrate the beauty and courage they are possessing during such an important time in their life. Indeed it would be an honor for me to bless them with a painting and photo. We'll see where opportunity takes me!

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