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 I love food, if you haven't guessed already.
About a million years ago now, (that's what it feels like anyway), I was working as a chef for a very prestigious winery in Sonoma County's Wine Country. I. LOVED. IT. It was what I trained for. 
And then we moved. And then we moved again, across the country, away from all the fresh and beautiful food I had known my whole life. Moving from the California wine country to the South was culture shock. I met food I have never heard of, or seen, before. I had to rethink what to put in our mouths, how I cooked, where our food came from. 
You can only imagine my excitement when I recently learned that there was something called Backyard Produce in our area. Fresh, lots of local, and organic produce and other food items. I signed up about a month ago now and I'm am so happy I did. 

You have the choice of choosing your food items, or receiving whatever surprises they might put in your basket. I love surprises, so I let them send me whatever they may. It's like Christmas when those kind people ring my door bell.  
These root vegetables were amazing.
Deep flavors and beautiful colors. And my kids devoured them. Honestly I was shocked that they ate them. Since I've been getting these deliveries, my kids have shown a new interest in fruits and veggies. It's great.
I was sent some avocados this time. Though I am allergic, my kids are not! I recently found a recipe for a Copy Cat Shamrock Shake that uses avocado. I'm going to whip it up with a few modifications and see how they like it!
I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out.

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