Accidental Storage Awesomeness.

Over the weekend, I was browsing the wonderful world of Pinterest. I know I'm not the only who's addicted to all the beautiful pictures of tutorials and DIY's available at your fingertips. We don't need to go into how much time I spend looking for ways to make beautiful home decor for cheap or free. (Way way too many hours.) But that's ok. I justify it by telling myself that it's ok because I'm not actually spending money on gas going out window shopping, or thrift shopping, which I'm also addicted to.

So anyway...I was looking for a way to use up some fabric I had ordered which turned out to be something other than what I thought it was. It turned out to be more like upholstery material than a regular cotton fabric that I usually use for items in my shop.

Browsing, and browsing some more, through chevron fabric ideas I came across these great floor poufs that were in a style I like, and they'd be great for the kids. They're always sitting on the floor on one of the sofa accent pillows to play their games. My pillows are starting to show wear and tear.

Source: westelm.com via Jessica on Pinterest

When I saw the price, I about choked, too. $89 for a pillow?! Who does that? Not me. I'm "frugal". (That's fancy for "cheap".) I already had the fabric, so I could check that off my list! And then I came across this great tutorial over on Retropolitan. Erika shows how to make a floor pouf out of a $3 floor mat from Ikea. Genius! Go check out her tutorial, it's simple and she does a great job of explaining how to do it! The only thing that I changed was the measurements. Where she was limited by the dimensions of her floor mat, I could make mine as big or small as I wanted. So I made my 24 inches wide and 12 inches tall. Plenty of space to sit, even for an adult.
Here's mine. If you can sew a straight line, you can sew this baby up. I did it in under an hour, and that includes chasing my kids around at bedtime.

After using her tutorial to sew it all together, including a zipper so it could be emptied and washed, I was stuck because I had nothing to stuff it with. I wasn't even thinking! I had half a bag of polyester stuffing, which was not nearly enough to fluff it up.
The huge zipper helped in deciding what to stuff it with. 
 I used the longest zipper I had which is the length of the entire side of the pouf cover. Basically I could stuff anything in there. In a crazy fit to finish it up, I collected those extra blankets I had laying around in my laundry room, that had no permanent home, folded them so they would fit appropriately and stuffed them in! I still had a little room left, so I stuffed in my kids Pillow Pets which always seem to migrate around the house.
The first thing the kids did this morning was flop down on top of it to watch cartoons before school and argue over who got there first.
 There are so many possibilities with this guy! You could put all your kids stuffed toys in it, hide your extra blankets and pillows like I did, or use a fiber fill stuffing to fluff it up. It's been an instant winner in my house. The only thing now is....I think I have to make another so the kids don't argue over who gets to sit on it!

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  1. Genius! This totally ROCKS! I'd absolutely love for you to stop by and share your storage pouf at my party -- it just opened!!! http://www.itsoverflowing.com/2013/04/share-your-creativity-73/ Enjoy your weekend LOTS! XO, Aimee

    1. Thank you! I wish I had caught your invitation sooner! Hopefully I'll have another something awesome to share soon:)



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