What Pinterest has taught me.

If you need an idea for a school project, Pinterest is the place to go looking. No doubt about it. 

My daughters class is celebrating the 100th day of School today and they were asked to bring in 100 of something. 100 stickers on a piece of paper. 100 gum balls. 100 of something. Not so much to share as to show the teacher that they could recognize and count to 100. 

My daughter is a bit advanced for her grade so I was trying to find something a little creative that would challenge her creativity as well. I found the cutest idea for a clothes pin wreath, and this idea developed from there. We did 100 clothes pins, and 100 crayons. And she can very proudly declare she did most of the gluing! :) 
The great thing about this project is I got everything, aside from my glue gun and glue, from the Dollar Store, so it was super inexpensive to make. 
We glued school themed printable scrapbooking paper to our clothes pin. That's the long and tedious part.
 Then we cut a big circle from a piece of foam core poster board. It was about two inches wide. Simply use a string attached to the end of a pencil to trace a large circle on your poster board. Shorten the string a few inches to make a smaller circle inside the larger circle and then use an xacto knife to cut it out. (I recommend mom or dad doing that!) Rotate between clothes pins and crayons all the way around the edge. We'd stick on a pin, and then glue on a crayon, and so on, until it was covered all the way around.
 Using construction paper, we made the cute little accordion circles to glue our chipboard letters to. Then, glue the circle with the letters onto your crayon/pin covered wreath.

Using a smaller circle of the foam board, we glued on the remaining crayons and words. Glue the smaller circle to the wreath with your hot glue gun!

Use some ribbon hang it. Any color will do since you have the whole rainbow on your wreath already! I was going to make a bow, but I was in a hurry to get finished.

My daughter loved it. It was fun for her. She got to count (repeatedly) to 100 to make sure we had the right amount. 
The  best part of this project, though, was seeing the look on her teachers face when we told her it was for her to keep and use again and again. I know there are tons of teachers on Pinterest pinning away all the cute and fun stuff they'd like to do and have for their classrooms. But due to time and money restraints, they just can't do it.
Find a cute project for a teacher, personalized with their name is even better, and make and send it in to your child's teacher. Make their day!
My daughter's teachers comment said it all--
"Oh my gosh, I'm going to be the envy of all the teachers. I'm going to hang this on my door right now!"
Making her happy made my day!

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