Back to work!

My husband has a tough job. Today he headed back to work.
I try not to embarrass him too much with posting too many pictures, or bragging too much about how proud I am of him.  It's hard not to sometimes.
When he's home, he is such a goof. That he is always joking around and being silly with the kids makes it sometimes hard to think of him at work making these young people (teenagers often times), into proud Marines. And then I see pictures, like the one of him above, and am reminded once again of how serious, intense, and hard his job is.

I know that the leaving part is just as hard on him as it is on us. He lingers until a hasty "I have to go" is said.
Big hugs. Promises of phone calls. Multiple mentions of "Be good for Mama".

Several extra hugs, and many questions. "Do you have to go? When will you be home?"
And lots of, "I'm really gonna miss Dad. Can we call him when he gets there?"
Promises of lots of phone calls and Facetime. 
It'll take us a little time to get back into our routines that are established while my husband is away. I'm learning to give a little, and let them be upset, let the meltdowns or tantrums happen and to let it be ok. Not that tantrums and such are fun, but...with this life style it comes to be expected. An essential element to their little life is absent in the blink of an eye. They have every right to feel a little off kilter, just the way I do. It always takes me a little time to get my feet back under me-- they're much younger and much more sensitive to the change. Patience. 

My mom was kind enough to take some pictures for us right before he left. This is how I like to think of my little family. Together and happy.

We'll all do our best to keep busy. Another three months, counting down, starting today!


  1. I know how you feel, my husband will only be home for 70-80 days this ENTIRE YEAR, with most of those days being in December for Christmas stand down... not to mention 12-14 m-f hour work days when they are home and then duty every three days. Yesterday I just randomly started bawling when he had to get off the phone because he needed to sleep (they're on liberty port right now). And I felt even worse because I was crying in front of the kids, which I try not to do :-/ Military life just is not fun.

    1. That's hard! Missing the holidays is especially hard when you see everyone around you celebrating with their family and loves ones. This year I had a few of my brothers fly in to keep us company. He missed all the holidays this year. My daughter got lucky that he was able to be here for her birthday. That was a huge deal :)
      I totally get the random crying. I'll be watching dumb commercials sometimes and I start to tear up. Makes me feel ridiculous. And the being hung up on! Yup, I get that, too. Sometimes when he's gone on a cycle he won't call for a week or so, and then when he does it's really short, or he has to hang up to sleep. Which I totally get! I know he's exhausted, but still :/ It's a selfish thing I guess.

    2. At pre-deployment night they were telling us that there's going to be at least one time where they'll go no contact for at LEAST 50 days. I pretty much died a little inside. He's on a sub so we don't have very much contact anyway, just super crappy email (which doesn't always work -_-). Luckily he's only missed one Christmas, but he's never been home for either of the girls' birthdays, or his or mine. Well except for the youngers ACTUAL birthday... though he left for a six month deployment after that. Ugh. And yup total random crying all the time. I'll be driving home from dropping the older DD to school and I'm just driving along singing to the radio and BAM I need to just cry. Why!?! Can't I cry at normal times... Like when I'm actually at home, thinking about him? It's gotta be all inconvenient. Haha!



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