Use your talents!

Over the last few years I've discovered a few things that I thought I would share regarding hard work and doing what I love. Since I don't have a mentor, or someone who is helping me with my business, I have had to learn a lot by trial and error. 
Maybe these will help another stay-at-home-mom to conquer some difficulties. 

#1. If you stop looking around you at what everyone else is doing, it gives you time to focus on mastering your own skills. Perhaps you have an idea, or a talent, but it's not the BEST in the world. That's ok.  Mastering jealousy of others abilities does nothing for you. Focus on doing your best. You are you. Be the best you that you can be. There's always room for improvement and that's ok. The person that you think is the best has their flaws, too. Who knows...maybe they aren't as great as that picture you have in your head after all! A perfect example of that is how almost everything, every picture, paragraph, and project you see online today is staged. No one's life or work is that perfect all the time. They work hard to make it look that perfect. You should be focusing on creating the same illusion with your own work ;)

#2. People will express their doubt to you regarding your ideas. Take it as a challenge to prove them wrong. You are the master of your life. Kick those doubts to the curb. It's ok to look a little nuts and obsessive over your passion. How do you think successful people got to where they are? They laughed (ok, maybe cried a little), in the face of those doubts and kept going.

#3. All those people who have made it big....maybe they aren't as talented as you, and maybe you "can do it better". The question, though, is...So why aren't you doing it? Stop wasting time and start working hard! Prove you're better, or offer more, or can come up with something unique. No one will care until you prove it.

#4. Don't be afraid of messing up. It happens. You didn't learn to walk over night. It took time and practice to run! Just dust yourself off, have a little sniffle, and get over it. 

#5. Learn to press the delete button. It's ok. Really. If you get a nasti-gram, or someone says something hurtful, or someone says "you can't do that", or they are not adding-to but taking-away from your life in some way that is detrimental to your sanity and peace start pressing delete. You don't have to accept those comments as judgements on your life. If you know you are better than that and that you deserve better, (which you do!), just press delete. Seek out people who will support you in a thoughtful and constructive manner.

Sometimes remembering and following these ideas is a very difficult task. There have been lots of doubters in my way that told me I couldn't successfully stay at home and financially help out. There were others who looked at what I was trying to do, with a smirk, and questioned whether anyone would really buy my "crafts". I might have cried a little, and had a broken heart a couple of times that someone I cared deeply for thought so little of my abilities. But I haven't let that stop me. Things may not be what I plan on them being...yet! I won't learn to be better and do better if I let nay-sayers determine my level of success. I'm still learning, everyday, how to do better and be better. You might want to keep in mind that those who express doubt in your ideas may actually be expressing doubt in their own ability to do what you are attempting to do! 

If you have a passion for something, don't let fear of rejection or the idea that something might seem like an impossible dream hold you back. Conquering fear (even of success) can be scary indeed.  Do your thing, whatever that may be. Perfecting it will come with time. Acting is essential to success! 

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