It's home!

(Day one of the Traveling Diapers Adventures pictured!)
Last spring, I embarked on a little experiment with one of my diapers, and this morning it arrived back home. Almost a year later! Thank you SO much to everyone who participated. It looks well loved and well worn, just like a pair of well loved jeans. 
That's what I wanted. I wanted it to be well loved, and well worn. I wanted to know what one of my diapers could take! So we took on the country, one baby at a time! I'm so excited to sit and read through the accompanying journal and learn all the experiences and adventures it encountered. 
So much has changed since it was home. My son has potty trained. My business has grown. We've gone through many changes in my family-life. I've made tons of new friends through the diapers and other special things I've made for people. It's been awesome.

 From Santa Rosa, California, Angela writes that her son got to stick his cute clothed bum in the sand! This makes me giddy with happiness! Santa Rosa is my home town :) (And how I miss it so!)
 Sheena writes, "...success! No leaks at nap time." Awesome. Naptime was always tough for me with my little guy. He was always a super-soaker, so I'd end up changing him half way through his nap hoping he'd go back to sleep. That they can handle naptime makes me super happy!
Would you take on the Traveling Diaper? I'd love for it to experience more adventures and to hear about your experiences. It makes my work so worth it to see that my diapers are working well for you. And if you're having problems, or it doesn't fit quite right...knowing that helps, too, so I can improve them for you.

If you'd like to share in it's adventures, leave me a comment with your email so I can contact you!

P.S. You know you're a cloth diapering mom when you can feel confident sticking your nose in a cloth diaper;) By the way, it smells AWESOME! Rockin Green to the rescue! 

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