Lovely Lotion Bars- A DIY

I struggle with gift giving! 
If you are anything like me you want to make sure you get it right when you give a gift, so you ask questions and look for clues. 
But often times I get stuck with that one person who I have no idea what to give. So I have a theory. When in doubt, give a fruit cake! 
Just kidding.

Actually I resort to self-care items. Soaps, lotions, maybe some specialty food items of some sort. Something unique, but something that isn't going to throw them for a loop or make them fake-smile and thank me while re-gifting it 5 minutes later. 

Here is how I made some very small lotion bars. 
Gather your supplies. 

1/4 c Coconut oil
1/4 c Shea butter
1 Teaspoon Vitamin E oil
Essential oil in a scent of your choice (mine is lilac)
1/3 c Bees wax
A Mason Jar
A pot and water
 A mold of some sort, even ice cube trays would work. 
 First, grate your wax.
 Put all your ingredients in the jar, except the essential oil.
 Bring enough water to a boil in the pot to go halfway up the jar.
 Watch it melt. Reheat the water if needed. It won't take long for it to start melting.
 Stir it gently if you like, with a spoon. Once it is completely melted together, add 10 drops of your essential oil and gently stir. Place the jar back in the pot to stay liquified.
 Lay out your molds on a flat surface, on a tray or paper towels. Make sure they are clean and dry. Moisture will ruin the mixture, so make sure they are dry. I used some vintage tart molds.
 Gently fill each mold by pouring the liquid mixture into the molds. It will start to cool quickly, so work fast, but be careful.

 Let them sit for a few hours in a cool dry spot to harden. Over night is even better.
 Carefully loosen the bars from their mold and unmold your bars onto a tray or other clean surface.
Wrap them in tissue in a box, or put them in a pretty bag and tie with a string. Attach a little tag with instructions on use and ingredients. Simple, pretty, and useful. And done in under an hour (minus drying time).
Let me know if you try it out. I'd love to see what you make!

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