Pretty DIY Garlands

Garlands on the house, made by mom.

My mom made tons of garlands for inside my house. It smells Christmasy. We just need cookies baking, music playing, and people being noisy to get everything just right. 

This year two of my brothers are coming to visit, and I'm really excited. I haven't seen them in about two years! That was my last visit home. We're all spread out now, so it's good to be able to get any of my siblings out here at any time of the year. This Christmas will be especially nice having them and my mom here with me. With me keeping busy with the diaper business (you guys rock), and trying to keep up with the kids I don't have time for much decorating so it's been great to have my mom here to help out. 

All the garlands, (and there are a lot of them), my mom made be collecting greenery and pine cones from around our property. It's pretty simple if you have some time and the energy to do it.

Simple collect what ever greenery you may have around your yard in lengths of about 12 inches. 
 Over lap the greenery so the raw branch ends are covered and wire them together until you get the length you need.
 In the middle you can add some pinecones or simple decorations that can be wired around the middle. Make sure that you make each half of the greenery point in opposite directions if you do this to maintain balance. For the garlands that swag along the front of our house, the greens all go in one direction. Pine cones were wired in place to add interest.

You can see she added a small wire loop on the back to hang it.

If you'd like to hang your garlands, you can make a simple wire loop around the middle of your garland on the back. You can see in the picture where she made the wire loop.

Hang the pretty garland wherever you'd like to bring some of the outdoors in!

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