Wise words.

Here is something lovely to hang next to your mirror as a reminder of your true beauty. 

You don't have to have all the latest fashions, or greatest stuff to prove your worth. You are beautiful because you were made beautiful. I do my best to remind my daughter of these things. Sometimes she comes home from school and shares about how so-and-so has something special and she doesn't feel as special or beautiful because she doesn't have it. Are those truly important? When she grows up if all she knows is of exterior beauty, will she be beautiful on the inside? As much as I want to give her everything she wants, I'd rather her beauty resound from the inside. Our true character, our true beauty comes from within.

Find a Dollar Store frame, paint it a pretty color if you like, and use it to switch out printable quotes for your children. Use it to inspire them, help them grown, and instill in them those values you want them to remember throughout their life.

Follow the links below to print your own copies.

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