DIY-ing in the morning.

I have a lighting problem. 
My house is dark inside. The front of the house is blocked from the enclosed porch, so we get little light in the front. The back of the house is blocked from the light from the enclosed porch in the back. I usually take most of my pictures outside to get good lighting. We have this pretty little white fence alone one side of the yard, so I stick to that spot most of the time. But sometimes I don't want anything fancy in the background to distract from the subject matter. 
Bushes and leaves are pretty, but they can detract from what it is I'm trying to take a picture of!

This called for some DIY-ing. I've seen backgrounds that you can purchase. If you are any sort of creative person, or you have gone for portraits recently, you'll have seen some of the pretty backgrounds available out there. That got me to thinking....Why not make one of my own!

Honestly this took me like 15 minutes. And now I have a simple background to set up for pictures. 
I took a piece of board my husband had left out in the garage and slapped some of my bead-board wallpaper on it that was left over from my bathroom project. I cut a piece of baseboard that was left over from when I redid our kitchen floor and nailed it over the wallpaper. Easy as pie. And cost me nothing.
And now I'm looking around wondering what else I can make some alternative backgrounds with!
I could hang some fabric, or a table cloth over it. Paint it a different color. Put a different wallpaper on it. I'd love to hear some of your ideas!

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