Beautiful Rustic

 We live on almost an acre of land that is surrounded mostly by what were once bushes. Since we've been here, they've been more like trees. Amidst the bush-trees were growing vines of many sorts. We have some wild honey-suckle and some Virginia Creeper. And many other types (including poison oak). It was getting a bit out of control so we decided to do some trimming. When I say trimming I really mean, "Chop it all down!" My mom, in her amazingness, took me at my word and has pretty efficiently cleared out most of the craziness going on in our yard.

We also had lots and lots of beautiful vines along with the arm-width branches that came down. Some of the wood I'll cut to save for the fire-pit. In the tradition of the women of my family we couldn't see just burning all the beautiful vines. "Waste not", goes the saying. Mom got out the trimmers and started to collect out the vines, and started weaving beautiful wreaths. The more stiff vines that wouldn't weave, she is transforming into gorgeous garlands.
 She ended up with all different sizes. And I love the ones with all the itty bitty curls. So sweet.

 Some of the vines twisted and twirled around branches and when they were untangled ended up being gorgeous shapes. I can't wait to show you some of the finished products!

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