A Long Time Coming.

Very dear to my heart is learning about historical aspects of my church's history, this very much includes lives of those who have come before us. I am fascinated by their lives, and their zeal, and their courage in living in such difficult times. Their bravery is astounding at times. It's been a little idea of mine for a long time now to make little dolls based on these brave souls that we can admire and learn from. I very much desire admirable people to be examples for my children as well, so that is a driving force behind my desire to make them as well.
Looking at them from a secular perspective, historical peoples of the Catholic Church have lives that are fascinating. School teachers, anthropologists, scientists, nobility, politicians, etc., all who found a different purpose to drive their work. Quite extraordinary, really, what some of them accomplished in their lives.
Anyway, something new is always a challenge for me. I'm not good at whipping things out fast when it comes to new ideas. I stress over it, and take lots of time, and do lots of research. But in this case I didn't have time for much of that! A dear friend of mine had the same idea and asked me to make a few for her daughter for Christmas. I still have two more to do, (to start). Once things slow down with the holidays I'm hoping to be able to take my time and do more. For me, it was the starting that was the hard part. Now that I'm past that hurdle, I can keep going. I'm hoping to have a whole line of them! And perhaps a few simple boys and girls as well for those who prefer just a simple doll for their child. 

I'm very excited and can't wait to get started on more!

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