Classy WAHM wardrobe & Keeping it real.

("dressed up" to take pictures of some of my products)

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself. My kids often ask me where I'm going when I get dressed. I can't help laughing. Most of the time I work in my pj's. Let me preface that with, I get up at 5am to help my oldest with his homework everyday, and by the time the kids are fed/dressed/ready-to-go on the bus, my two year old is up (running here, there, and everywhere) and I've been working at my sewing machine/work table for a few hours already. Usually if I'm dressed first thing in the morning it's because there is somewhere I have to go.

 After working day after day in your frumpy clothes you start to feel a bit...frumpy. Randomly, I will choose a day to dress it up a bit. (I really should do this more often!) Just to feel better about myself. And remind me that I'm a grown up! The thing is, I have a fairly boring wardrobe. Nothing fancy or spectacular in my closet other than my special occasion dresses. I don't dress up to go to work, or pick kids up from school, and I don't have money to throw at randomly going shopping. So the challenge is to make something cute with what I have. And there are some super cute things you can do with some basics! Nothing extravagant needed here. Take a look at this look-board below, done all with some closet basics.

It's amazing how dressing nice can change your mindset, and challenge you to act differently as well. Have you ever noticed that when you are dressed nicely, your demeanor changes as well? (Wouldn't it be a kick if that worked with kids too?!) Here's the thing...you really are worth looking nice for. No, not for someone else. No, not just to go out somewhere. YOU are worth dressing nice for. You'll notice that you feel better about what you are doing (even if it is just to go pick up your kids from school), others will take you more seriously (just a perk), and you can reclaim some of "you" that you may have lost amidst the laundry, dishes and other chores you do that take up your precious time.

Now, off I go in my "dressed up" outfit, to put away laundry and sew some more diapers!

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