And life goes on!

 (My husband and I with our youngest)

The kids and I had a great visit with my husband home this past week. Thank you so much for putting up with my quietness as of late!

I guess you could say it was like a honeymoon+ 3 kids! Goodbye's are so many in our life that we try to make the most of the time he is home no matter how short or long it may be. Often times we do spectacular things like go on trips and visit museums, and sometimes, like this time, we just spend time together doing normal things. It's the small things the kids remember like playing video games together, going shopping, going out for an ice cream. We try to keep things as normal as possible and not change routine too much so that it's not too hard for the kids to adjust to his absence again. Often times I think I have a harder time adjusting than the kids do! It's nice to have a second pair of hands, those moments where you can say "go ask dad", or take a shower without having the door open\have children wandering in. Time to pick up where we left off, though! I'm putting my big girl pants back on and getting my mind back into "work"mode. Military life is a hard life, but I love my life despite the challenges. It'll be another three months before he is home again, but we're planning a trip down to SC to see him in November. That gives us something to look forward to!

I can't express to you how much it means to me to have friends (and even strangers!) give me moral support! It makes my day to have you guys pop in and say hello. Don't be strangers! I love knowing you're out there and that I'm not just talking to myself :)


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