See a need, fill a need.

It's what I've always been about. 

My daughter has been in need of a new lunch box. Somehow her favorite lunch box disappeared over the summer months, and she wasn't happy with how her metal one was treating her. (It's not big enough for her bento boxes, the handle kept coming out of it spot, it was noisy when things shifted in it. She's particular about those sorts of things.)

So yesterday while she was at school with her overly noisy lunch box, I made her a new one. I had no idea what I was doing. I searched high and low for a free tutorial. I looked at pdf's in etsy stores. I didn't find what I was looking for-- basically something that was along the lines as her missing soft lunchbox. I had no idea of dimensions, measurements, how to sew it, what to use. I "winged" it!

I used her bento box as a starting point at figuring out what size to make it. I knew she liked the zippers, and she would need to be able to be wipe it clean inside. That's a start! And so I got to sewing. Like with most things that I just jump into making, I discovered things along the way that would work better with regards to how to put it together and make the sewing process easier, but over all I think it came together pretty well. I think I was most hesitant about how she would react to it. Would she like it? She's my most critical judge of all objects I make! And she's only 6. (Boy, do I have things to look forward to!) 

I think it passed muster. This morning she said "Mom, you packed my NEW lunch box, right? I just LOVE it." Success!

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