Fundraising our Marine Home!

Our Marine will be finishing up his first cycle as a DI at Parris Island and we are hoping to surprise our kids with a visit home from him. There is only a very short window of time between the end of this cycle and the next and we're hoping that we can squeeze a few days of family time into it. It'll be about 14 weeks since we've had him home and the kids (and me too!) miss him terribly. I'm a bit sad that we won't be able to make it to his first graduation, but it's easier for him to travel than for me to travel with the three kids. Finances are always tight, so I'm holding a sale today and into the weekend, where all proceeds from any items sold go towards our "Trip Home for Dad" fund. My goal is $300 to cover the gas and expenses of his drive home, and I'm pretty sure it's doable. We have roughly two weeks to make our goal.

We would be ever so grateful if you could help us out, not only by purchasing some goodies on sale, but by helping promote my sale on Facebook. We promise to send you a special "thank you" for helping out in the form of a special coupon for $5 off your next purchase.

You can also donate towards our goal by clicking the button below, and you will also receive a coupon towards your next purchase in my shop or towards a custom order.

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