Friday Fun Finds

Since making my daughters lunch box, I've been on a lunchbox crusade. Here are some cute ones I found, some even with tutorials!

Look at this next one! Oh my goodness, I know someone who would love it!
Source: flickr.com via Kathryn on Pinterest

This one is cute too. But maybe for myself. (Not that I do a lot of carrying a lunch box around). My kids need one that can close securely. But I love the knotted top.
Source: etsy.com via Maya on Pinterest

Source: everkelly.com via Joke on Pinterest

Is this this leather I see ? This would be great with a "fall" type outfit. (Listen to me wanting to match my lunchbox to my style!)

Here's a super cute idea. Have your child pick out a piece of scrap booking paper they like and use it to customize a lunchbox.  That could be a great back to school project!

Were you a lunchbox toter growing up?
I was a paper-bagger, and a hot-lunch-liner. (I'm not sure those are words, but I'm not sure that matters since my kids tell me things like "lol" are now in the dictionary!) I would have loved to have had a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox.

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