Something old

 I've been waiting patiently for a mantel to happen in my house. A faux one, or course, since we have no fireplace. Last summer I attempted to build one, but it ended up being more a project (pain) than I anticipated. So I gave up on that project and figured something wonderful would happen one day.
Well, that day was the other day when my mom called me from the used furniture store and told me about this beauty. She texted me a picture and I about died. It was what I had been picturing in my head for ages. "YES! Get it!"
 It has about three layers of paint, likely lead based. But it's so neat! Mom is helping me strip it down, and we'll make it all nice and pretty. I'm so excited.

I'm even excited about the square nails sticking out of the back.

 The potential is there. Can you see it? I can!

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