Venturing out.

 I have been greatly blessed.
The last two and a half months have been quite the adventure for my kids and I. Neighbors have come to my aide on more than a few occasions. A blessing of living in a small military town is that in a bind you really can go next door and ask for a cup of sugar. Or a jump start for your mower. (Yep.) Or run through the torrential rain with a baby on your hip to ask the neighbor if he'll come fetch the snake out of your laundry room. (Yes to that, too.)

And now I'm blessed even more to be welcoming my mom into our home to help me. She's been here about a week now, and I'm finding I can relax a little! Funny, that!

We recently loaded the kids into the car and ventured out to visit this beautiful church called St.Mary's in Wilmington, about an hour away. (Something I would never have attempted alone with my kiddos!)

It was gorgeous.
The weather was perfect. 
The church was beautiful. 
The company was so welcome. 
The breath of fresh air, the venturing out from the mundane and familiar, was a little vacation!

Hoping for more adventures soon!

Have you ventured out to do something new lately?


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