Military Wife Pride.

I've learned patience is important to military life.

Understanding is essential. 
 You rarely have a say in where you go, or where you stay. 
But if you are willing, you can make your home anywhere as long as your love is there.
 His long hours away make his moments at home precious and important. 
You learn not to take things for granted.
The kids see him complete important tasks and challenges and learn that determination and dedication are important aspects to success and getting to where you want to be. 

It can be terribly demanding on family life, but incredibly rewarding as well.
We made the 5 hour drive, in my 12 year old car (without air conditioning and humid heat!) down to Parris Island to see our Marine graduate DI school and it was worth every minute of the trip. I'm so incredibly proud of my husbands hard work. 
For the next 38 days we'll be enjoying some much needed family time before he heads back to PI to make some Marine's!

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