Finding treasures

 (Cute Vintage Find! Available in my shop.)

One thing I learned well growing up was how to shop well. My mom is still amazing at going out and finding the most amazing things at thrift stores and consignment shops. She's got a great eye. I admit I'm not quite as talented as she is at it, but she's taught me enough that I have picked up some amazing items over the years. I still enjoy going out and looking for fun little goodies, (especially if she's coming along!). Vintage linens, kitchen items, pretty napkins and other lovely little things.
Now you can find these in my shop! They will be listed under Vintage Finds. As I find items I will add them to the shop. Right now I have items waiting to be photographed, including some pretty linens, which I am hoping to get done soon. That is, in between time with my honey before he leaves again, and filling diaper orders ;)

What is one of your most treasured finds?

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