Oh! That's me. Hello!

If I can make something in an hour, (with interruptions from my son included), I am one happy mama.  This shirt above I made using a pattern I found on Sew Mama Sew. It was super simple and quick to make once I read over the instructions ;)

I've been unhappy with my cool weather clothes. By nature,  I'm a tshirt and jeans type girl. Lately that just wasn't getting it done for me. I needed something more. And I've been making an effort to look more presentable. (Hanging out in your grubby clothes for everything tends to start to make you feel grubby after a while!) I'm a fan of loose tops so I can move around, and when the hot hot weather gets here it lets the air flow.
I also made this peasant blouse by improvising using one I already have as a pattern.

Perhaps I'll put together a real pattern for it sometime soon so that you can make one, too!
Do you sew for yourself?

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