Last week I finished up some covers for my cousin who is new to my diapers/covers. So I used one of her covers to show her how to use it. See the picture below!

Click the pic to see a larger view!
1. Start with your cover open flat.
2. Make sure your gussets are open and not laying in so that they will form a sort of seal around baby's legs when it's all closed. 
3. You have 5 rows of snap parts. The top two are to hold the wings in place. However, I'm snapping it up to the microfit in these pictures for the teeny tiny baby. This makes the rise (part in between baby's legs) come up higher.
4. Bring the row of studs up to the top row of sockets and snap them in place.
5. & 6. show you what it will look like as you do it.
7. Then, with the microfit, the wings will snap in the rise snaps. 
8. Bring the right side over first. 
9. It will look like so...
10. Then bring the left side over and snap. You'll need to determine how tight you want the waist to fit, but this is the smallest it will get. 
11. Side view where chubby baby legs will be! :) 
12. As baby grows, move the rise snaps down.
13. The largest setting on the rise. This size still fits my 30 lb two year old quite well.

I must say, if I were to need to diaper another baby I would most assuredly use covers with prefolds/flats. As time went on with my youngest I found that covers and prefolds were just as easy as an AOI or any other type of diaper. And the drying time was much faster!


  1. My coworker also ended up loving using covers (woolies) with her first. Now she is going to use them mainly with her second. As you know I only have 1 and so far I've only used AIO, AI2, and pockets with him. Idk why but covers seem like extra work for me. Your covers look awesome though!!

    Allison M

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, Celeste. I was doing it wrong. So what's the best way to care for these? Only line dry?

  3. Line drying is ideal, but they can be thrown in the dryer!



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