My little family enjoys the joys and challenges to our life that come with celebrating our faith. Being Catholic Christians, I try to incorporate activities into our daily life that can help my children to know the faith, understand it, and live it in a special way each day. Understanding the liturgical year has become a priority over the last year or two with my children coming to an age where they ask lots of questions and want an explanation of just about everything.
Now that we are observing Lent, the 40 days prior to Easter, I knew that I needed some way to help my kids understand and delve deeper into these forty days. In the same way we used the Jesse Tree during the Advent season, I've been working on decorations for a Lenten Tree over the last few weeks to help them to delve deeper each day. My kids are very visual learners, so this is great for actually doing something. I find them rearranging the tree decorations and reading them often. 
There is a decoration to accompany each of the pages in the Lenten Reflections booklet at Family in Feast and Feria

If you would like to print them out for your children you can simply click the following links and print them out. If you'd like you can even let your kids color them! 

I am still working on them, but I will add the remaining decorations as I complete them! And an explanation sheet is coming soon as well. (Some of the symbolism might need a little more explanation!)

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