I said I'd like to sew something for myself, but I never seen to get there! :) Instead I sewed my daughter her Easter dress. (See above!) She loves it. It twirls just right.

Once I get sewing her cute clothes I just can't stop. But there are a few things that make sewing for my little ones difficult at times. I don't know if my kids are the only ones that can't stand having tags, or seams that bother them. Do yours get bothered by those as well?

I can't tell you how many clothes I could have resold if they hadn't had the tags cut out (so I didn't know the size), or seams that were readjusted so they wouldn't "bother" sensitive little ones. It can drive me bonkers to go shopping with them sometimes and have them not want something that looks perfectly cute because a tag or seam bothered them. My Aspy boy isn't so bad about it anymore, but my daughter is a little OCD about her clothing feeling right. My daughters dresses have to be lined, so all the seams are away from her. It's extra work, but at least she'll wear them that way!

Elastic bothers her sometimes, too. I wanted to sew her a couple of new skirts for spring/summer, but I was trying to figure out how to do it without elastic or a seam bothering her. Fold over elastic? Possibly, but it might pinch.
I chose, instead, to use a yoga pants waist! So cute and comfy! And, added bonus, it can shorten or lengthen her skirt. (Mostly lengthen as she grows, so it will last longer.) 

Next... try it with pants!

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