For almost three years now I've lived and breathed making cloth diapers. It's had it's ups, and it's downs. It's been exciting and it's been challenging. It's been very VERY rewarding. 
And now that I'm working at getting my little guy potty trained, I'm reevaluating my "business" of diaper making. 

I admit to getting burnt out. It's me doing all the sewing and designing and seam-ripping till the wee hours of the night often times. Struggling with trying to please everyone is always something that is there. I can't do it all, and I often times over the last few years have had to remind myself of that! From choosing fabric patterns, to the struggle of going with organic materials versus synthetic/man-made. The expense. My time and effort. The time it takes while trying to juggle life with high needs children. Losing my temper with kids when I have to "work", when in the end the whole thing was supposed to be about being able to spend more time being available to them. 
I'm reevaluating where I am and what my families needs are. In the process that means reevaluating my diaper making as well. 

Life changes on the horizon! 

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