Where does the time go...It's all gobbled up by my kids. (See above, from the summer!)
They have me running here, and there, and everywhere. And reading lots of Dr Seuss while doing it, too. 

I must admit that my little brood often times have me swept away in the large and important things of childhood. You know, dinosaurs and dolls, trucks and blocks, why the moon is out even though the sun is out. My oldest, who has Asperger's, saves up from his days now spent in school being dutifully quiet, and shares with only me every thought that might have entered his mind throughout the day. It's a lot to keep up with, and often times a lot to explain. My daughter is full of knowledge, (as in, she is a 6 year old suffering from the chronic I-know-what-I'm-talking-about's.) She always makes me laugh with her diatribes. And Mr.T (as in Trouble) standing on the highest rung of that ladder in the picture, (the older two were attempting to keep him from jumping in the pool by himself), is constantly testing the forces of nature. He likes to see how loud things can crash, how helpful he can be with my scissors on the furniture (or nearest cloth diaper), and if he can get you to pay attention by pitching his meal across the room. 

I have been BLESSED. With so much patience! Lord!--Thank you for blessing me with the patience you have given and continue to give me!

My work waits. Long hours, some times DAYS, my work sits and waits for me on a table, or more likely shoved in a closet where the youngest can't reach it! It's why I work so quickly when I get the chance. My work lets me give them small things like toys they want, or a movie they might want to see. Nothing too extravagant, but those small treats count for a lot in their small little universe.

And....my work lets me be a little bit of ME. Without it I get lost in the laundry basket full of socks, and the hours spent trying to get homework done, and the tantrums, and the constant questions, and the struggles that sometimes seem to be bigger than life. 
Thank you, friends, for giving me something to do by letting me make you cloth.  Your business is so important to me, in more ways than one!

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