I'm so excited to be almost done with writing my first diaper tutorial. It's a lot of work! Writing, taking photo's, editing photo's, getting everything in order and explained correctly. It all takes time. Time I squeeze in between building Lego towers with my two year, painting my (almost) 6 year old's nails, and helping my oldest with his school work. I also have diaper orders that need completing and mailing, and some free-lance art work that I've taken on. It's all very exciting! Often times I feel like I've been swept up in a hurricane, but in a good way. 

My daughters birthday is this coming up Tuesday, so I'm hoping to have some things completed soon so I can focus on making goodies for her to take to school. She's bringing cake pops to share! She wants them decorated with pink and blue flowers. Have you noticed how precise everything has to be when you are almost six...It's quite a precocious age!

I'd love to take the time to make something cute and sweet for Valentines day. I'm thinking something like these hearts...so pretty!

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