Hello Bloggy World! I thought I'd come out from behind my sewing machine for a minute to say hello. I've been working like a busy bee lately, which I appreciate, but sometimes it's nice to do something just for yourself in those 5 minutes of free time. Maybe say....make yourself something? The mornings are starting to get nice and crisp, and the leaves are changing through a rainbow of gorgeous colors. Each morning I stand out at the end of our drive way and wait for the bus with my little girl and breath out those "air clouds", as my daughter calls them. We keep our fingers tucked in the end of our sleeves to keep warm, which works well enough. I thought I'd give some pocket sized rice hand warmers a go for me and my little one. That way we can tuck them in our pockets, and it is safe to send her off to school with.

Here is a great tutorial.

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