Good morning. Here is a super quick nursing pad tutorial.
You will need some soft fabric, like fleece. Enough for three or four layers. Scissors, obviously. You also need a pattern which is really easy to draw up!
(This tutorial assumes you already have some sewing experience!)

This patter fits in a 5 inch square.  Simple draw a 5 inch square on some paper, and use the sides and corners to guide you in making a circle. Or a cup, or bowl would work as well. Mark the middle and one inch along the edge of your circle. Connect from each end of the one inch mark to the middle mark and cut out your triangle.
 Lay your pattern out on your fabric and cut three or four layers for each pad.
 Using a serger, or sewing machine, close your triangle on the under side and sew it closed. It will form a teepee shape! You can do two layers at a time for this. For mine I sewed one together, and then the other two layers together as one piece.
 Lay your teepee layers together with the wrong sides together if you are going to serge!
 Serge your pieces together. And trim the loose threads.
If you are using a sewing machine you will want to lay your pieces together so the right sides are facing. Sew them around the edge, leaving a small opening to turn them out. Then simply topstitch around the edge to finish them. Now go make a bunch! :)

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